I learned about homegrown sprouts a little while ago and wanted to try it. They are healthy, fairly easy to grow and can add a tasty flourish to any meal or smoothie.

So I bought a basic kit, though the same type of thing can be made with a mason jar and some cheesecloth. It came with the jar, lid, some starter seeds and instructions.

The included seeds were for alfalfa sprouts and above are a few pictures of the process. Just two tablespoons of seeds yielded all of those sprouts. There are so many. Plus it was so easy to do and took only a few short days. If you want to try to add some healthy, easy food to your diet, try growing some sprouts.

You have soak the seeds for 6-8 hours. Then you drain them and keep them in a dark place. At least twice a day you have to rinse and drain them. Then in a few days, you have sprouts!

Tasty, crunchy, healthy. What’s not to like?

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