Happy New Year 2016!

The New Year is an exciting time that seems to be filled with hope and promise. We often begin to look at the past year, what we’ve accomplished so far and what we want to get done in the coming year. And as long as we stick to it, these New Year’s resolutions can really transform your life. Getting in shape, spending more time with the family, getting that one project done that you have left far too long, the list can go on and on.

So I have made a few resolutions of my own that directly relate to this site that I would like to share. I am going to have a smoothie every day in January. Right now I am only committing to January, because I want to see how this month goes as far as being able to complete it and what changes it makes for me. So far it is going quite well, so I may end up extending this onward into the year. It should also give me some great opportunities to create new recipes for the site, which is exciting and leads me to one of my other resolutions.

I will be much more active on this site. Last year I was a bit overwhelmed with starting a new job and moving to the Fort Worth, TX area where I have no other family or friends. But I feel like I have a much better grip on things now and I have a lot of built up energy on what I can do for this site.

So far we are only a few days into the new year, but I am proud to say that I have kept my resolutions so far. On the first I made a smoothie with yogurt, strawberries, bananas, milk and a few other things. It was not my favorite. The bananas kind of ruined everything. I think they were a bit too far gone to have used and they fouled up the taste of everything else in the smoothie. We just got back from vacation and I was just throwing what we had around the house together to make a smoothie. So remember to make sure you use things that have not yet gone bad.

Yesterday I made a DELICIOUS mango smoothie (though I must admit that mango is one of my favorite flavors). It is quite basic and very close to the one from this mango a go go copycat recipe I posted. Pineapple juice. Milk. Frozen mango. More frozen mango (I used a lot). So simple. So flavorful. I will be repeating it and making sure to get measurements and put together a recipe for you guys.

‚ÄčToday I have not yet made a smoothie, but do not worry because I have one planned already. It will be some kind of pineapple strawberry concoction that should be quite tasty. Plus I opened that huge can of pineapple juice yesterday so I need to make sure it gets used and this sounds like a perfect opportunity.

So, if you have made any resolutions you want to share with me feel free to do so below. Maybe we can both keep each other accountable.

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