Nearly a month into 2017 already, so it’s time to show off some changes.

I’ve been hard at work on some site updates as well as a logo change. Hopefully you enjoy the new theme, colors and general excitement around here. I will be hard at work adding new recipes to the site in the coming weeks. In fact, I will be attempting to make a smoothie that matches my new logo:

​That awesome looking green smoothie at the start of my logo? Yeah, I’m gonna try and make a recipe to match that. I’ve already got the glass and straw to match, so it is just time to throw things in a blender and make it taste good. A little spinach, a little pineapple… I must not reveal my secrets!

Until I actually finalize the recipe of course. Then I’ll be sharing it here for all to see and hopefully inspire some blended creations of your own.

This was just a quick little update post, even though the updates themselves were a long time coming. I’ll see you again in a few days with a logo green smoothies recipe. I promise there will be pictures to prove it.

Happy Blending!

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