I should have taken my own advice. But of course it has come back to haunt me. The sad news is that my blender no longer works. I have been trying out a lot of recipes and working the blender really hard. And it just gave up the ghost. It actually seems like it wants to work, but there may be a broken connection to the motor. Under the blender basics page I said to look for a blender that was quality. One that wouldn’t break a few months into the purchase after you lost your receipt and it isn’t worth paying to fix any more…

Sad day. Or days, actually, since it has been a little while since it happened. I do have a smaller personal sized blender. That is the only thing getting me through. Ha ha. But it makes it difficult to try and put together recipes. It just isn’t big enough for what I want to make. I have a plan for what I want to put into the smoothie, and then I end up having to leave some out because there is literally no space. I already fill it past the max fill line (which may end up leading to this blender dying on me as well…). But I do not think that I can really afford a quality blender right now. Isn’t that sad.

The microwave also stopped working and the garbage disposal on one half of our sink started leaking. So basically my kitchen is a war zone with appliances and gadgets dying on the left and right. Luckily, I keep coming out alive, though sometimes a little worse for the wear. You still gotta eat even when things stop working, right?

So, bear with me as I keep trying to update the site and blog with my adventures in the kitchen. Because things are getting a little rough in there.

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