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This picture turned out great and it looks really tasty. But it doesn’t really look anything like lemonade. Do not worry. The blueberries just overpower the color from the lemons. You can easily taste both the tartness of the lemon and the sweet flavor of the blueberry.

Frozen Blueberry Lemonade

Makes about 2 servings.

1 medium to large sized lemon
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 cup blueberries
About 1 cup ice

1. Peel the lemon like you would an orange. Open up the lemon sections and try to remove as mnay seeds as possible. You don’t need to be perfect because it’ll get blended up.

2. Add all of the ingredients in the order listed into the blender and mix on high until smooth.

3. Pour and enjoy.