It has been two years since I started this site. I have gotten a lot done, made a lot of changes and slacked off at times. One thing’s for sure: I have had a lot of smoothies.

This site started as a way to force myself to measure and track my smoothie recipes. I used to just throw things together into the blender that I knew or figured would work together. It worked about 96.4% of the time.

The problem was not ever being able to replicate the smoothie. Sure, I could get close using the same ingredients and approximate amounts. There were those times that they turned out to be perfectly blended masterpieces, but I couldn’t replicate them because nothing was measured.

So The Smoothies 101 was born.

I have learned a lot about having a website and creating recipes. I have improved my photography a lot. Now there are some photos smoothie recipes here that are just embarrassing. I plan on re-making those recipes and getting some better shots.

Now one of the more exciting changes I have ever done is coming. The Smoothies 101 now has a logo. Check it out here.

In my opinion, it really captures things perfectly for the site. Fun colors and font. The smoothie cup with a straw poking out. You should be seeing the logo on the logo on the site within the next few days. Tell me what you think of it in the comments below.

I’m proud of it. Just like this site. It has taken a lot of effort and I think that there are a lot of awesome recipes on the site now. But I am a bit of a partial judge, being the creator of it all.

Hopefully I can continue to update and improve the site with useful content and tasty recipes.

Thanks for visiting and all your support.

Happy blending!

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