So, about two weeks ago my main blender broke. I have a single serving size blender, but it just doesn’t give me enough room to add everything that I want into it all of the time. I used that blender for the Vanilla Bean Frap and Frozen Hot Chocolate recipes. But those just barely fit. (Don’t worry, you can always multiply the amounts for more people and make it in a larger blender.)

I needed a new blender. So I was looking online at a lot of different options. Price, power, materials, durability, customer service. A variety of  When it came down to it, I decided to go with the Oster BVCB07-Z. This is what the box looked like when I got it delivered:
I haven’t had the chance to use it that much yet, but so far I like it. It blends well and mixes things up. It also got generally favorable reviews on Amazon. One of the greatest issues people had was its durability. So I went ahead and got three years extended coverage on it.

For now, I am back to happy blending. Hope you enjoy some of the new recipes!

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